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Business model strategies of fintechs from early beginnigs till current maturing oft he market. Includes case studies: Ant Financial & Creditshelf

Insight: How China’s Alibaba Fights Corona Virus Business model insights on how big-data helps getting a grip on the corona virus On February 12, Alipay (Alibaba’s financial division) released a new feature in their app. It uses a colored QR code indicating the health of the phone owner in regard to the recent corona virus outbreak. The release was covered by Western media, like Reuters shortly after the release. However only limited information has been provided on the actual “business model” of this big-data use case. This post will help you to better understand this feature and what it means

What is Disruption?

Demystifying disruption:
What is a disruption? Can a disruption be predicted? 3 Characteristics of Disruption. Is every fundamental change in the market caused by a disruption?

Business Model (BM) evolution covering: Mass Production BMs, Distirbution & Marketing BMs , Internet & E-commerce BMs, Customer-Centric BMs and Data-Driven Predictive BMs

Direct Investments: to Diversify or to Guide & Develop? Corporate direct investment is playing an increasingly important role in numerous investor groups – including business angels and HNWIs, family offices and PE funds, as well as pension funds and insurance companies. The reasons are manifold: the personal financial commitment of the first group has often emotional reasons. Many HNWIs are looking for ‘tangible investments’, in order to help building and developing a specific asset. Some wish to live up to their role as co-entrepreneur. For all investors, objective reasons also play a role: low-interest-rate level, the swept-clean real estate market,

3 Characteristics & Future Development of Digital Business Models

3 Levels of Restructuring a Company – which level are you facing? You invested into a troubled company expecting a fast turnover of the situation. The due diligence has shown that the company’s financial structure may be troubled, and its operational processes problematic. So you make a plan for the financial and operational restructuring. Have you not forgotten anything?

TOPSCAN – A Formula of Success for Startups and Investors Traditional venture capital investors provide mainly funds and are seldom involved in the operations of their portfolio companies. Many startups with funding and innovative products may still fail, since their founders are normally fascinated by technology and are focused on product development, while often neglecting marketing, sales, or company management. Therefore, the investor’s strong operational involvement offers a formula of success to the new ventures. It also lowers the risk