Business model strategies of fintechs from early beginnigs till current maturing oft he market. Includes case studies: Ant Financial & Creditshelf

Insight: How China’s Alibaba Fights Corona Virus Business model insights on how big-data helps getting a grip on the corona virus On February 12, Alipay (Alibaba’s financial division) released a new feature in their app. It uses a colored QR

What is Disruption?

Demystifying disruption:
What is a disruption? Can a disruption be predicted? 3 Characteristics of Disruption. Is every fundamental change in the market caused by a disruption?

Business Model (BM) evolution covering: Mass Production BMs, Distirbution & Marketing BMs , Internet & E-commerce BMs, Customer-Centric BMs and Data-Driven Predictive BMs

Direct Investments: to Diversify or to Guide & Develop? Corporate direct investment is playing an increasingly important role in numerous investor groups – including business angels and HNWIs, family offices and PE funds, as well as pension funds and insurance

3 Characteristics & Future Development of Digital Business Models